Thrive in Your Whole Life


Thrive in Your Whole Life

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Why is our community so special?

INlighten Community classes are about much more than meets the eye. We want you to thrive in your whole life. By addressing the 12 Aspects of Wellness, you can.


Our approach identifies 12 basic categories of life skills and support required for human beings to thrive and every class, workshop, or service we offer is geared to address one or more of these aspects. We are inviting all our current and future students to join us in our new mission.

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What People Say About Our Community


You saved me when I was visiting my mother last year in the San Fernando Valley, and I thank you for that! ~ NB, Central America


Class on Friday was so wonderful... I felt completely surrendered and at peace all weekend, thank you :))) - AA


You've been such a light to me this year! So thankful for you and The Yogi Tree! Be back soon – KB

Oh!!! The 40 Days to Transformation changed my life last year... I wish I was there to take it again this year! - SD

Jennifer, the classes that you and your staff teach really do have a great energy and vibration that other classes do not! In the class I took with you, I noticed that both for myself and another woman in the class, we felt safe enough, and there was an energetic space created for us, to allow emotions to arise as we worked on the postures and movements. It was really powerful and I don't believe I've ever had that experience before in a yoga class, despite having practiced for 32 years and spent about 4 of those years in classes with other teachers! ~ SD

I am so glad I found you, and so glad I found these classes. They are unlike anything I have experienced at any other studio. The energy here is so calming and centering. Thank you! ~ HG

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Meet our Teachers!

dedicated to helping you reach your goals

Meet our Teachers!

dedicated to helping you reach your goals


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