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Why Is Our Community Special?

The INlighten Community is a collective of carefully vetted teachers, services and health practitioners that have come together to support, educate, and inspire those who are seeking a more meaningful life. Some seekers need a few nutrition adjustments to get rid of headaches while other Seekers are at an existential crisis looking for a major life overhaul. Regardless of your starting point we have the tools, services, and practitioners to identify and support your path.

As a “Seeker” you have decided the way things ARE has to change! Whether the transformation you seek is large or small, you want to create a life that is authentic, vibrant, and meaningful. The INlighten community works from the premise that all significant change begins from the inside.

What People Say About Our Community


You saved me when I was visiting my mother last year in the San Fernando Valley, and I thank you for that! ~ NB, Central America


Class on Friday was so wonderful... I felt completely surrendered and at peace all weekend, thank you :))) - AA


You've been such a light to me this year! So thankful for you and The Yogi Tree! Be back soon – KB

Oh!!! The 40 Days to Transformation changed my life last year... I wish I was there to take it again this year! - SD

Jennifer, the classes that you and your staff teach really do have a great energy and vibration that other classes do not! In the class I took with you, I noticed that both for myself and another woman in the class, we felt safe enough, and there was an energetic space created for us, to allow emotions to arise as we worked on the postures and movements. It was really powerful and I don't believe I've ever had that experience before in a yoga class, despite having practiced for 32 years and spent about 4 of those years in classes with other teachers! ~ SD

I am so glad I found you, and so glad I found these classes. They are unlike anything I have experienced at any other studio. The energy here is so calming and centering. Thank you! ~ HG

Why Do We Do

What we do?

All of us are bombarded by a sea of information and expectations. We often need help navigating which tools are right for our needs in any particular moment. The INlighten community serves as a sounding board for conflicting health, wellness, and spiritual information, with a focus on supporting your individual growth process. Since optimal living is impossible without a commitment to exploring issues of society and relationships, we also offer tools and experiences for developing in these areas. We believe the true antidote to our current social conflicts is to live fully aligned with integrity, accountability, and transparency for self, family, community, and society.

Challenging these assumptions and habits can be intimidating. We offer Seekers support as they release their outdated notions of who and what they are supposed to be and step into the authentic life and purpose they are meant to fulfill.


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You cannot fix yourself by trying to fix the world. You can only change the world by changing yourself. The truth is we cannot wait for something or someone outside ourselves to take those steps or to make those adjustments. Internal and external transformation only comes from going within, realizing our full potential, and stepping fully into our purpose.

Too often we are subjected to a one-size-fits-all approach to growth and wellness. Given that these pursuits are among the most personal and intimate endeavors we undertake as human beings, we reject that method. Instead, we bring together various forms of yoga, meditation, sacred sounds, breathwork, Reiki for LYFE, hypnosis, aromatherapy, ayurveda, nutrition, acupuncture, life coaching, parental support, addiction recovery, understanding lunar cycles, The Bodyful Mind™ and more to offer flexible, holistic approaches to healing.

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