Welcome Home!

Life can be challenging and has been moving way too fast these days. It is easy to feel lost, alone and disillusioned.

We all need a place that feels safe and feels like home; a place we can put down roots so we may truly grow.

Are you ready to start that growth by learning how to follow your own inner guidance, to live authentically, transparently and meaningfully, to connect to a supportive and uplifting community that accepts you as you are, encourages you and inspires you to live a healthier, more connected life that truly honors who you are and those around you?

From the Heart of Jennifer at The INlighten Community

My name is Jennifer Lakhmi Chand Kelly, I have been on a healing path since 1998 and I want to share with you what I have learned through my mistakes and my successes, how authentic community and connection can change lives, and how myself and this entire community can support you. The INlighten Community is ready to help you develop a healthier, happier and more meaningful life for yourself, one that is based on your OWN needs, values, and purpose for your life.

Over the past 20+ years, my colleagues and I have shared our knowledge and experience toward cultivating self-awareness, improving relationships, managing pain and anxiety, overcoming addiction, moving through grief, optimizing health and, most importantly, helping others in aligning with their true self.

Our community shares tools and guidance based on the individual needs of the student or client. We listen first, suggest later. This approach empowers people to establish and explore their own growth process through various forms of yoga, meditation, sound, breathwork, Reiki, hypnosis, aroma therapy, Ayurveda, nutrition, acupuncture, lunar cycles and other flexible approaches to healing.

Our method couldn’t be more timely. In recent years yoga and healing communities have faced an almost epidemic trend of “guru scandals” that have exposed heinous patterns of abuse and manipulation from people who took advantage of students’ trust and vulnerabilities. This has happened in religious sectors as well. And we believe it is time to end this abuse!

This evolution requires a serious change in how people work on themselves and design their lives. It’s time to release our attachments to following teachers or gurus with “magical” cures and solutions, and instead develop the self-awareness and intuition to look inward for authentic guidance. Since most people are unfamiliar with this type of process and/or have had negative experiences with spiritual teachers and religious leaders, we know that trustworthy guides are an invaluable tool along the way.

We have embraced an individualized approach that empowers and challenges individuals who are willing to do the work of self-accountability and internal growth to receive the tools they need to actualize real change in their lives. We are bio-dynamic individuals and no two students or clients are the same.

We would like to offer our support in YOUR process. We are here to see you, hear you and SUPPORT YOU.

So... Why do I do what I do?

My work is to meet you where you are by welcoming you with open arms to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I teach people the tools they need to face anything they are working through, recovering from, and the inevitable challenges life throws at them.

Starting Out

My own path to authentic self-awareness began when I became pregnant with my oldest son in 1998. During my pregnancy I was introduced to yoga, nutrition, homeopathy and alternative healing modalities by the two midwives I worked with. Yoga was an invaluable tool during my son’s home birth, when I found the amazing strength that lived within me. As my awareness awakened during the pregnancy, I also changed my diet. I was 10 pounds lighter when I delivered my son than I was pre-pregnancy. My energy and moods were better and I couldn’t believe this was all due to changing what I ate.

Those practices were enough until a crisis erupted in my life: I was suddently a single mother to my 2 ½-year-old son and my foster children. I knew I had some big decisions to make about my future. I went back to working full time in the entertainment industry. I was constantly on the go and I was exhausted. I worked in the art department and spent most of my life shopping and decorating sets. The long, unforgiving hours had me parenting from a cell phone. I missed my son and cried most mornings driving to work. It was killing me to know that he was so sad, and missing me too! I was also a foster parent and felt like so many things were slipping through the cracks. It was so hard to meet all the needs for myself and my beautiful family.

Even though I had practiced and studied a variety of tools for wellness -- such as yoga, nutrition, Reiki, and alternative healing methods -- my life was completely unsustainable for myself and my children.  I was only implementing the practices I knew in my “spare” time (which was almost never). I was existing and coping, but not living my life to its fullest. I was failing my children and I knew it was time to make some substantive changes.


First Successes

In 2009, a good friend offered me a chance to take over her studio space and the earliest version of The Yogi Tree was born.

I learned from the students and clients who came to the space and began to develop workshops and programs tailored to their needs. I co-created some of our best programs like 40 Days to Transformation, 40 Days to Optimal Health and 30 Days of Self-Discovery. We also launched our first multi-lineage yoga teacher training in 2016.

My leap of faith was paying off emotionally and spiritually. Seeds were being planted by the teachers and staff who brought genuine intimacy, presence, and humility to our classes and events. Our sweet, dedicated, welcoming community was something so different from what most studios were offering that I knew I had something special. Unfortunately, trouble was on the horizon. What began as a hobby started to take on a life of its own. I was once again dealing with the excessive demands of long hours and trying to balance work and family...

it was going pretty well…

until I again reached a point of burnout.

I decided to let go of fear and commit to this path. I left the entertainment industry for good to focus on the studio and healing work. Over the next couple years I struggled with how to really bring my bigger vision for The Yogi Tree to life and create a positive global impact. Still, I was on a burnout path because I was trying to do everything myself. I was not creating the time or the space to utilize the tools I was teaching others. Once again I was facing the struggle of keeping everything going. I wanted and needed to be more present with my family. I also needed to live a more meaningful life and desired to make a bigger impact in the world. But how? 

I needed time to regroup and re-evaluate all I was doing. My husband & I made the decision to sell the studio, and take a year off to travel the country with the kids in a tiny home adventure. That life-changing choice gave my marriage and my boys a chance to bond, heal, and connect – but it also left me $20,000 in debt. I hadn’t been able to find the right buyer for the studio and something in my core kept telling me I was not supposed to let it go.

Then in 2019, after a year of traveling and remotely managing the studio between travel destinations (with some amazing help from two amazing teachers!), I realized that instead of trying to hold together the existing day-to-day operations, it was time to come home, reinvent and lead an expansion. Many of the wonderful teachers and staff that had been serving students and clients all these years also felt the natural pull toward something new and more evolved.

I invested in remodeling and preparing for this expansion at the beginning of 2020, consulting with members of our community and bringing along a team of people who shared and supported the vision I had. We had a successful grand reopening March 1, 2020 -- just a couple weeks before COVID-19 disrupted the world and shut us down! Fortunately, that unforeseen halt was the breath of pause we needed to grow The Yogi Tree studio into the INlighten Community!

The new direction

Almost overnight the entire world changed. Our physical business, located in Los Angeles, was part of the first phase of closures, The world had come to a surreal halt – our city, usually teeming with cars and noise, was quiet and still. We were forced to take our entire operation online while we met the challenges of learning how to recreate our amazing physical community in digital form. While most studios and gyms floundered with the transition, we began offering a full schedule of virtual classes within two weeks of the shutdown.

The shift granted us the time and space to co-create the global vision I struggled with fulfilling before.

As we faced and met these unexpected challenges, the world went through even more dramatic shifts against the backdrop of a pandemic. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis exposed the unresolved issues of racial division in the United States and around the globe. Meanwhile, the Kundalini yoga community was reeling as it confronted the fall of its founder who was exposed as a rapist and a sexual predator. With crystal clarity we could see it was time to be part of creating a better way forward. It was time to redirect students and clients inward to the truth: that the Guru, the best teacher, is within you. Thus, the INlighten Community was born.

Ready to Manifest Real Change in Your life?


With all the trials and tribulations myself and the rest of this community have gone through, this collective has arrived at the same conclusion -- that healing is a very individual process and we have come together with unique tools and talents to help others find their unique path to forgiveness, health, abundance, and peace.

We’re not talking about opposing or agreeing with...we’re talking about evolution, a process, that comes in pieces and steps, that reflects a commitment to a life lived with purpose. What are the things getting in the way of that lived purpose? How can I let them go and what do I replace them with?

We have come together to help people learn how to shift away from fear and a victim mentality that has been holding them back to a deep understanding that they can be an active participant in their life create what they desire. In this way growth is exponential, and the effects are transformational!

Because I have done all this hard work myself, I speak from experience when I say I know that life can be more beautiful than you may have ever imagined. There are no magic potions or gimmicks here, just good, honest work and support. We were not designed to be islands, we truly need each other on this journey. And each of us needs a unique set of tools to find our way back home to self.

You do not need to “look like a yogi”, you do not need to have “your sh*t together” before you can start, all you need is a desire for real change and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

Because of this knowingness, we want to help you design a more meaningful, healthy and sustainable life, too.

We want to help you consciously parent and strengthen your relationships with your family.

We want to help you live in optimal health and stop accepting a life of pain and stress.

We also want to help equip you with the tools to tackle the obstacles and injustices life presents you.

This work is not always easy, real change is hard work and it is also extremely doable when you have positive, strong, loving support. We are here to be that support and that accountability in your life!

If you are tired of living in a hamster wheel and ready to cut through the BullSh*t so you can realize a life of vibrant health, sustainable peace and an authentic sense of belonging - You may find your home in the INlighten Community.

We welcome you as you are, with open arms.


Jennifer Lakhmi Chand Kelly  

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