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I firmly believe the body knows exactly what to do to be well! We have to learn how to read what the body is telling us and implement the keys to unlock the doors to healing!


Are you struggling with your health?

Have you been to every doctor/healer and still can’t find the answers to your wellness?

Do you want to feel more vibrant?

Do you want to improve the health of your family?

Are you loosing hope of ever feeling better?

Wish you could be more patient with your children/partner?

Feeling lost, depressed, anxious or alone?

Are you struggling with a spiritual connection?

Struggling with your career and finances?

Then I Can

Help You

I've been exactly where you are. I understand your frustrations. I know where you're stuck, and I know exactly how to help you move forward…

I have been on the journey of healing and wellness since 1998 discovering the answers to these questions and more. True healing is a Body, Mind, Spirit process. Jennifer will educate and guide you to discover your own natural Healing Talents and help you unlock the doors to your healing.

Is Healing Talents Right For You?

What would it feel like to be free of health challenges, relationship challenges, parenting challenges, financial challenges – TO BE TRULY FREE?

Are you ready for true change in your life?

Are you teachable?

Are you willing to step into change?

Are you ready to learn and truly heal?

Are you willing to really look at how your life is working for you and areas that are not?

Are you willing to look at the past and learn how to let go of it?

Would you like a deeper connection with your spirit and something bigger than yourself?


We Share The SAME GOAL And Are more in COMMON than you think


We share the same goal in life… Health & Vitality

This path is a journey of education, discovery, and making lifestyle choices to step into action so you can live the healthy and vibrant life you desire. It is not a magic pill, rather an invitation to learn life changing tools and techniques you can use to create profound changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

Jennifer Lakhmi Chand is versed in nutrition, homeopathy, whole food supplements, yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, wellness and life coaching, aromatherapy, hypnosis, Reiki, sound healing, trauma, PTS, autoimmune disorders, hormones and anti-aging, depression, anxiety, pregnancy and postpartum, Foster Care/Adoption and has been teaching and working with clients since 2004. She will use a combination of tools and techniques custom tailored to meet your needs.

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