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Goddess Kali Workshop (Hybrid) with Kamala Easton @ 9 AM

The vibration of the Goddess Kali is transformation. She represents the death or release of what is no longer needed in our lives, so that the new and beautiful can be born. Although externally she appears frightening, this goddess represents the raw unleashed power that lies within us which can assist in bringing about these needed changes, be it in relationships, jobs, or our own inner habits or patterns.

Thru discussion, breathwork, gentle yoga, and chanting powerful mantras of the Devi, we will open ourselves to receiving her powerful gifts.

Dr. Easton will also be offering Spiritual Intuitive Sessions – One-one-One Private Appointments


Dr. Easton received the “Gift of Knowing” in 2002, after a powerful Spiritual Transformation. She merged into that place where ALL is known, and as a result is directly connected to the Great Consciousness. Kamala is able to share from Spirit, the deepest issues of your heart without knowing anything from you. She reveals what is keeping you from living your highest life, the causes and what is needed to clear them. Sessions include every area of life: relationships, business, finances, health etc.


“With incredible accuracy, Dr. Easton communicates deep and insightful information. There is a sweet sense of expansion, as if she is channeling divine energy. I have come away each time with my burdens lifted and my heart opened.” ~ Robyn Benson, Owner of Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center

Cookout & Circle with The Yogi Tree @ 12 PM

This year Father’s Day and Juneteenth coincide! Come celebrate with an organic, vegetarian BBQ that honors both monumental events!

Both of these holidays have deep historical roots. As we come together we have an opportunity to stand in remembrance, celebration and in prayer for a peaceful, healthful, joyful way forward.

We will celebrate with foods honoring each occasion!

Drum Circle (Hybrid) with Charles Wiley @ 1 PM

No drumming experience needed
Drum circles are the perfect way to connect to your inner voice. They are not about performing but about expressing!
We will gather in a circle with our drums and start with a brief talk about all the drums in our circle. Charles will demonstrate some drumming techniques to get various sounds out of the drums and then begin playing some basic rhythms. There will be some games and some call and response beats to bring more energy to the circle.


The flow, pace and music created is always different and exciting - that's what makes drum circles so much fun! Charle's hope is that the drum circle will help you connect to your inner voice, express yourself in a new way and experience the indescribable feeling of a group playing together, connecting, creating, reacting and!


If you have your own drum, feel free to bring it, if not drums will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
Almost any drum is perfect; Djembes, Bongos, Congas, Cajons, Frame Drums, Snare Drums, etc. Feel free to also bring shakers, tambourines, claves, rattles and more!


Charles has been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years and teaching drums and percussion for almost as long. For Charles, drum circles are the perfect combination of his passions. Drum circles allow all participants to connect to their inner rhythm and blend it with the group - each part creating the whole. He hopes the drum circles he leads help the participants connect to their inner voice, let loose and most importantly, have fun!

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**Select the $59 Whole Day Pricing Option for All-Day Registration

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